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  • Are you tired of relying on your friends to take bad cell phone pictures over the weekend at the track of your car and team? Want to get noticed by potential sponsors? Want professional coverage of your team?
  • We provide photography services tailored for the racers and teams- either live directly to your social media site, post event coverage, from the pits, racing action, and from the podium.


With all the latest, top of the line equipment available, knowledge and first-hand experience allows us to convey professional high quality adrenaline, excitement and passion packed video productions. We provide event coverage, marketing and promotional videography.



  • Want to keep the world informed and updated with your event or circuit results?
  • We provide live and post event photography services tailored especially for track event promoters and race teams, published directly to your event's social media site and webpage. We will cover every aspect of your event; from the pits, to the vendor midway, to the spectators in the crowd, racing action on the track, podium coverage, and race results.
  • For Import drag racing events, we provide the option of choosing our media page (Drag Import News), as the main social media site and webpage outlet. It is the track, promoter, and/or race team's choice to use their own social media site and webpage, (or Drag Import News) as to best fit our services in their event.
  • All our event coverage packages can be combined with videography coverage.


  • Want to market your performance shop or company?
  • We aoffer photography packages tailored for race shops to promote their services and clients cars in their social media site and webpage.
  • We also can promote and build a dynamic presence of your high performance shop or company in our Drag Import News event coverage tour. We provide live and post event photography coverage on our social media site and webpage. As a way for our photo coverage to maintain a high standard and ultimate professionalism, all of our sponsors are exclusive. Our mission is to advertise for YOU and maximize YOUR brand to the fullest. All of our photo galleries and articles on our webpage (dragimportnews.com) will include a "Coverage sponsor by" advertising banner at the beginning of each page with a clickable link directed to your social media site or webpage.